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Appears In:The Viper's Nest
Location:South Africa

In order to get this clue, you must add the six card of The Viper's Nest.


The Tomas had this Clue for a long time until the Lucians found out. They promptly sent Winston Churchill, a spy, to find the Clue. He lied to his branch that it was Diamond, when it truth it was Aloe. The Aloe was hidden in a special room in the Tomas headquarters, where Amy and Dan found it. The Lucians to
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this day still believe the Clue is Diamond


The cutscene shows an African jungle which soon views the Tomas crest and the Aloe plant itself. We stop at the plant, then we dig the soil, and find a box. It opens and shows the word 'ALOE.'

Card ComboEdit

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Card 145: Eisenhower Holt

Card 146: Shaka Zulu

Card 147: Antarctic Bling

Card 148: Bead Cipher

Card 149: Prison Number 4

Card 150: The Fallen Agent

About AloeEdit

Aloe is an South African plant similar to the lilies and known for its healing properties. It's called "umbahla" by the Zulu. Aloe thrives in extreme deprivation. Aloe is also famous for its common use in cosmetics, and is commonly used to treat sunburn. The plant itself is a type of cactus.

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The 39 Clues

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