Cahill Generals are the second rank in the Cahill Family. There are 5 generals, one for each branch. Each general is also a branch leader.

Cahill Generals come and go as Cahill Three pleases. Cahill Three's choices, however, have to be vetted by the other Cahill Council Members. A General is a general for life if he has served justly and kindly for more than twelve years.

Lucian General:

Ekat General:

Tomas General:

Janus General:

Madrigal General:

One General is the head of all the generals for three years. This is chosen by the Generals themselves. They vote by placing down which four generals they like the best in front of themselves, as voting for yourself is forbidden. They can also vote to remove a general from that position as well. If a general is killed then the branch leadership council nominates candidates from which Cahill Three decides.