The Hagia Sophia, a famous Turkish monument, is known for its gorgeous mosaics and ornate decorations. However, when Cahills come to visit, they focus on one thing: finding a hint to the Janus Clue. For centuries, there have been rumors that a Janus agent hid something in the Hagia Sophia. It wouldn't be in plain sight, but there would be some small sign to allow Janus to identify it. Only an expert Clue hunter with supercharged powers of observation would be able to find it. Do you have what it takes?




When combined with cards 194 and 204, it unlocks the Clue Sulfur.

Properties Edit

Branch: Janus

Type: Secret

Rarity: Uncommon

Puzzle: No

Clue: Yes

Top Secret: No

Where to get this card: Card Pack 3: The Rise of the Madrigals

Preceded by: Card 158: The Last Message

Followed by: Card 160: Sir Walter Raleigh

The 39 Clues
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