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Maria Anna "Nannerl" Mozart
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Maria Anna "Nannerl" Mozart was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister. Nannerl had equal skill in the arts as Wolfgang but she could not delovop her skill due to the fact that she was a woman, and women at that time were considered lower in status than men. She was a Janus. She was also the daughter of Leopold Mozart. Nannerl was from Austria.


One False NoteEdit

Nannerl played a huge part in Book 2: One False Note. The book revolved around three diary pages from the diary of Nannerl, which was in the stronghold in Venice, due to the fact that Amy noticed that boy's brains were wired differently than girl's brains. The siblings thought that Nannerl had noticed things Wolfgang didn't, pertaining to life in general and the hunt for the Clues. She was also as good a musician as her brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.