Welcome to the The Cahill Army Wikia

Hello people! This is the wiki for the new generation of Cahills. We mainly have a Cahill Council of Three, along with many agents, unlike the Vespers who are only Six in number. So join us and defeat the Vespers !

The Cahill Army

The Cahill Army has 3 Ranks :

Cahill Council of Three

The Leaders of The Cahill Army. Every Cahill has to listen to their words. The current Cahill One is Lord Cahill.

The Cahill Generals

There are 5 Generals, each from the 5 Cahill branches. They lead the branches to war.

Cahill Agents

All the other Cahills fall into this category. They can be promoted and demoted if needed.

Message to all who see this Wiki

Join us, The Cahills. Let's crush The Vespers.

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