Vikram Kabra
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Relationships:The Kabra Family
First Appears In:Operation Trinity
Last Appears In:Mission Hindenburg

Vikram Kabra is the father of Ian Kabra and Natalie Kabra. He was also the leader of the Lucian Branch along with his wife, Isabel Kabra. He is now in hiding in Brazil because Isabel was sent to prison during the events of Into the Gauntlet and The Black Book of Buried Secrets.


Vikram poses as an art dealer. He married Isabel and introduced Irina Spasky to the Lucians. After Alistair Oh reveals he and his wife's murder of Hope and Arthur, he goes into hiding in Brazil. He was also a suspect for being Vesper One.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Vikram has been mentioned very little in the series. A quote of his is, "Lose once, and it becomes a habit. Before you know it, you're a loser."
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Ian seems to be quite frightened by his father, almost as much as he is of his mother.

However, he did make an appearance in Operation Trinity. From that, we could conclude that that he is not a tolerant man and seems to result to violence to get what he wants.

He makes an appearance in Mission Hindenburg, though his motives are unclear. He kills 36 Lucian men aboard an airship, and throws Ian out of the airship, saving his life.


The 39 CluesEdit

The Black CircleEdit

The letter in the back of The Black Circle is addressed to Lucian agents to 'step up their game' and signed by Vikram Kabra, the leader of the Lucian Branch.

The Cahill FilesEdit

Operation TrinityEdit

He first appears in The Kabra Mansion talking to Mr. Pringle. He and Isabel try to suck information out of him about the Ghent Alterpiece. Pringle may be dead, because Ian Kabra heard screaming where Mr. Pringle, Isabel and Vikram were having their conversation. It was probably Vikram who killed Mr. Pringle, if Mr. Pringle was killed.

Mission Hindenburg Edit

He leads a Lucian airship in the Airship X competition. When Ian Kabra sneaks onboard the airship, Vikram throws him out, onto the ground. However, it is revealed that this actually saved Ian's life.


As a leader of the Lucian branch, Vikram can be assumed to have a talent for cunning, deception and talents associated with the Lucian branch.


He made an appearance in the game, Operation Homefront. He was shown in the Lucian stronghold. The player has to ask him for the Lucian Archive password.


  • He was a suspect for being Vesper One.
  • Isabel was visiting him in Brazil supposedly because he was sick, which was a lie.
  • He drank the Lucian Serum.


His official card is Card 232.

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